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Ampicillin (AMP) and gentamicin (GEN) were from Sigma.

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T-poisons could penetrate heat-treated, but not live, cells was inhibited by a combination of EMA Light and T-poisons (EMA Light T-poisons), but those from live bacteria were not suppressed.

JCM 2873 was cultured at 30°C in brain heart infusion (BHI) broth (Eiken Kagaku, Tokyo, Japan).

To prepare live bacterial suspensions, bacteria in the logarithmic growth phase were suspended in physiological saline.

They selectively permeate the cell walls of dead bacteria and irreversibly bind to chromosomal DNA by covalent attachment (20, 23, 27-29).

It has been reported that EMA could cross-link to DNA at the rate of 1 agent per 10 to 80 bp in vitro (17).

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