Do men find attractive women intimidating

Of course, unless you are exceptionally flexible or have an especially indulgent roommate or significant other, the odds are that you won’t be able to reach your back.

There the odd trimmer with an extra long handle for reaching the impossible-to-access parts of your anatomy but frankly, you’re probably going to end up with random patches that you simply didn’t catch.

There are few things men are more insecure about than their hair…

The next option is professional hair removal via either waxing or sugaring.

This is done by a licensed aesthetician at a salon and has the benefit of keeping the hair off from anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

At the moment, the current fashion is towards more an almost complete removal of all body hair; there are even some adventurous souls who go for the “Boy-zillian”, a concept that makes men curl up on themselves in sympathetic agony.

Personally, I think many body types simply look without hair – they seem oddly unfinished.

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