Dj sbu still dating terry pheto westindian dating

They sneakily post sweet photos of themselves together to show all is well.

Itu shared a stolen sweet moment with his lady love on Instagram and he had everyone up all in their feels. Nothing more says ‘love lives here than that, right?!

The man must be a liker of things and not be afraid to reject the ladies. LOL @ this bachelors and how they'll tell the girls especially arround top 6 that "I've falled for all of u".... LOLIt wld be best to choose ordinary people with successful careers and wants a chance to be on tv instead of always giving celebs the spot light that they already have,well maybe those celebs that's doesn't know how to make their move can be welcomed!

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The crying and silly cattiness that happens in the US show might not happen. More than 20 gals kissing 1 guy & him lying to them that there is a connection bla! I must say i enjoy the American one though.kwaaaa!! it would be an interesting twist thou, hint hint, ladies who will be entering! Rob Marawa is taken has a nunus son with an equally nunus friend and mkhaya of mine!!! SA we still find it hard to laugh at our selves, even the biggets fools and skelms would not wanna expose themselves because the reception will be harsher than people would find it amusing.

I think 1st we need to see a list of businessmen (SINGLE) and bankers, ect men who are rolling with it.

to me she is either deep in love or way too desperate..

T-Bose Mapaseka are back together: Fiction or f ACT? Pooky..I posted my reply..was not in yet...guess we thought about the same question at the same time..u were faster than me... FACTBob Mabena & Zandi Nhlapo are dating................

I've seen them together a couple of times myself to know it to be fact. all in the name of gossip and fun's sake while we pass time through our working day..adds colour to our day. I mean what would possibly make him wake up now after so many years?

Another faux paux is the rumoured relationship that DJ Sbu had with Nonhle Thema, that too is being lapped up. Or the funniest of them all , again courtsey of the very reliable RGB, that Hlubi Mboya is SA sexiest woman! Surely he must have thought the set up suited them just fine? I don't remember seeing or reading about Melanie being pregies...

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