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While our assumptions about agent's emotional expressions are rooted in psychology, the model allows to test different hypothesis regarding their emotional impact in online communication.How do human communication patterns change on the Internet?This type of interaction requires much higher user activity in comparison to persistent communication e.g. Further, it is more spontaneous, often leading to emotionally-rich communication between involved peers.Consequently, instant communication should require specific tools and models for analysis, that are capable of covering these predominant features.How do users behave in online chatrooms, where they instantaneously read and write posts?We analyzed about 2.5 million posts covering various topics in Internet relay channels, and found that user activity patterns follow known power-law and stretched exponential distributions, indicating that online chat activity is not different from other forms of communication.Nowadays, IRC channels are still one of the most used platforms for collective real-time online communication and are used for various purposes, e.g.

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A) Schema of the evolution of a conversation in an IRC channel.We process our analysis as follows: first, we look into the communication patterns of instant online discussions, to find out about the average response time of users and its possible dependence on the topics discussed.This shall allow us to identify differences between instantaneous chatting communities and other forms of slower, persistent communication.Round the clock activities of Internet users put us into the comfortable situation of having massive data from various sources available at a fine time resolution. Which aggregated measures are most appropriate to capture how new technologies affect our communicative behavior?And then, are we able to match these findings with a dynamic model that is able to generate insights into their origin?

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