Disadvantages of dating a married man Dirty chatting

So Haltzman is busy researching ways to help understand the relationship patterns of husbands and wives. He has set up an internet community for married men to share their experiences and wisdom about marriage.

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Yet, what is it about a married or the so-called 'committed' man that attracts women? Since married men seem to be more experienced and mature, they get attracted towards them.

While some women dating married men may find happiness eventually, most of these relationships end up leaving you feeling lonely, used and neglected.

A relationship exists because of mutual trust and commitment.

But Haltzman argues that married men are different and need a voice because they are at a distinct disadvantage in relationships, verbally and emotionally. Married men make more money, have more peace of mind, and have more and better sex.

And until now they've had no voice, contends Rhode Island psychiatrist Scott Haltzman, M. It could be argued that men don't need another voice; their voice in the culture is loud enough for most women. Talking about feelings, for example, increases men's stress levels. He notes that "most men have learned these techniques on their own and don't do it in obvious ways." Haltzman contends that marriage is as much a health issue as a quality of life issue issue.

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