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How serious is Renee Zellweger’s relationship with Doyle Bramhall II?

Zellweger has always kept her relationship private, but she’s finally opening up about her boyfriend. “There is a familiarity between us, that sense you have when you’re with someone and you know you are home,” she said.

The actors quietly split after a three-month romance in March, but on September 22, a casually-dressed Cooper, 37, and Saldana, 34, looked more in love than ever when they saw at the Arclight Dome Theater in West Hollywood.But mostly, the students just wanted articles of his clothing. He politely turned down one student’s request for him to escort her to the school’s Diplomatic Ball next spring.The actor, 35, a 1997 Georgetown grad, described his euphoria upon visiting the college as a high-school student. God help you if you never fail.” For their part, the students were more interested in the heartthrob actor’s personal effects than his professional experience. makes the official announcement that Bradley and Renee Zellweger are OVER. Cooper, 36, and Zellweger, 41, who met in 2009 and moved in together last fall to become one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples, have broken up, sources tell PEOPLE. I can learn so much from her.” Zellweger even skipped the Golden Globes in January at the last minute to be with Cooper when his father died. But in February, there was speculation about their relationship when they each attended a pre-Oscar party but didn’t hang out together. And Renee has just been looking like hell for most of the relationship too. Apparently, people have been whispering about them being dunzo for nearly a month…? Last I heard, Renee dropped out of her appearance at the Golden Globes because Bradley’s father died, and then she was at his It’s over for Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger. Um, the only time anyone got photos of the two of them together, they were candids with one of them hiding their face.

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