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In the later half of the 70’s a new outdoor initiative was launched, which was later coined as ‘Sustainable Tourism’.

Today this movement has a deep respect for mountain cultures and are committed to protecting and advocating nature through experiencing the outdoors in its most natural and wildest state.

’ I thought, ‘I’ll just go for dating practice,’ ” Garth tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I looked him up online, and he shared a name with a real beefcake-y male stripper, and I was like, ‘Oh no! The couple hit it off that first night – and neither ever looked back.

Good coffee and friendly conversations await your visit and if your lucky, quite possibly a bike ride on the information about the store ...

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The magic that happens at the top can be felt everyday and is for many a way of life.

On the reverse side the seemingly simple things in life that we brush aside come to life.

One such example is a familiar snack carried with you that seems to exude new flavors when enjoyed from atop a mountain.

Anyone who has ventured to the mountains can relate to the ethereal moment when the burdens of everyday life are instantly put in perspective.

The once seemingly large tasks of today are shrunk down to granular size.

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