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Industrialised countries do not want to accept tha, but still keep a firm grip on their own high protective standards. But to do this, everyone must move, even the EU and the US.Instead, they are trying to push their maximum demands through.The Doha round will never become a development round this way.

Mexico opened itself up to the United States and Canada through NAFTA and to the EU through a bilateral free trade agreement.But whoever wants to set global standards in a duet is saying goodbye to multilateralism.However, lead negotiators and those from the economic sector are saying that the global negotiations in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been stagnating for years.TTIP can lead to distortions in trade – so-called trade diversion effects.Developing countries are often victims of such effects. If the EU and US further open their markets, imports from third countries, and thereby developing countries, could be forced out. The state on the east coast of the United States produces exotic fruits.

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