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It made it harder for the website to monitor his behaviour.

His victims were terrified to contact police because they believed 17-stone Lawrance would harm them or their children if they did.

said it has the "most heartfelt concern" for the victims.

The website said that at the time Lawrance was reported by his victims, its policy was “to act only on events which we could verify, such as written messages”.

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Detectives then discovered he had been arrested for an attempted rape in Lincolnshire and released without charge in 2013, then linked him to two anonymously reported rapes in Derbyshire and Norfolk.

Derby Crown Court heard that four of his victims complained to, and one woman was told administrators of the site could not do anything because he had not sent abusive messages through the site.

One victim said: "I asked them to please put a notice on the system that this is a banned user. They didn't seem to give a damn." Lawrance attacked women in Crick, Northants; Lincolnshire; Buxton, Derbys; St Ives, Cambs; twice in Leicestershire and finally another attack in Derbyshire.

Meanwhile police suggested the true number of Lawrance’s victims could be much higher, and urged other women to come forward if they were attacked by him.

Chief Inspector Allison Rigby, of Derbyshire Police, said: “Only Jason Lawrance will know how many people he has sexually assaulted.

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