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Dr Bridges added: 'A smartphone on a satellite like this has never been launched before but our tests have been pretty thorough, subjecting the phone to oven and freezer temperatures, to a vacuum and blasting it with radiation.The first, known as the Water Alcohol Resisto-jet Propulsion De-orbit Re-entry Velocity Experiment (which benefits from the grand acronym Warp Drive), will use the ejection of a water alcohol mixture to provide thrust.Search for an address in Google Maps and switch to the street view by dragging that street view icon to the map.The image date will be displayed in the status bar again though in this case, Google only reveals the month and year of the picture but not the exact date.If you wish to know the date when satellites captured those aerial images that you now see in Google Maps, you will have to use Google Earth for that (for some reason, these dates aren’t displayed on the Google Maps website).Launch the Google Earth program, search for any location and zoom in as much as possible.The press release quotes a London Underground spokesperson as follows: This e-mail is incorrect.The 112 number does link people through to 999, but it only works if you have a signal on your mobile phone.

A UK team is set to launch the first satellite controlled by a smartphone.Curious to know the exact date when Google cameras captured those aerial and street view photographs of your home (or any other address)?Well you can find that data easily in Google Maps and Google Earth.Used as a precursor to further scientific studies, such as detecting Alfven waves (magnetic oscillations in our upper atmosphere), the i TEsa app could provide proof of principle.Postcards from Space and 360 are joint winners, using an app that will take images using the smartphone's camera and use the technology onboard the spacecraft to establish STRa ND-1's position.

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