Dating retuals germany in the 1990s

Clare’s Day Feast of Prophet & Bride Crowley’s marriage to Rose Kelly cclcb.

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Celtic I an Hill Festival Holy Fire day Lights of Isis = St Clare’s Isis worship day Christinized to be St.

I hope that this disgustingly long list of ritual dates will help Christians understand better whatever they may he confronted with as they encounter deal with the world of witchcraft.

The list of Pagan holidays lumps everything together: however, when you are dealing with a group see if they are following Crowley, or Gardner, or American Indian traditions or whatever and learn the rituals that are unique to that group.

24 Cornish Tinner’s & Seafarer's Day Old Cornish 'Labor Day" Jan. Furrinalia worship Furrina Sleipnir altered states of consciousness Lammas Rituals, festivals, Indian corn fesl.

of Amaterasu-o-Mi-Kami Japenese worship of Sun goddess Birthday of Sir John Dee, inventor of Enochian Magic Black Virgin Mary Magdalene celebrated in France Feast of Sothis Apogee of Sirius, dog might be sacrif.

Gift-giving is also popular at this time of the year.

The first day of Hanukkah is not a federal public holiday in the United States.

19 Sept 20 Sepl 21 Sept 23 Sept 29 Sept 30 Oct 1 Oct 5 Oct 11-13 Oct 12 Oct 23 Oct 3 1 Nov 1 Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 5 Nov 16 Nov 25 Nov 29 Dec 6 Dec 10 Dec 13 Dec 17 Dec 21 Dec 24 Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year, cabal lists celebrate Fast of Thoth Thoth honored Most of Midnight Hands cut off while alive, then ril. Lucy's Day Lucina, the Sun goddess worshipped Saturnalia (7 days) Carnivals around Europe Yule (means the Wheel), WINTER SOLSTICE Mother Nighl Gaelic New Years Guy Fawkes Night Witches’ Night of Hecate Persephone These are standard ritual dates, however during the year witches will carry out rituals to cast spells for specific purposes that are unique to that point in time. There are a number of occultic fraternities, some of which are college fraternities, which have their own pecular special days. In addition to the rituals listed below the Illuminati calls special meetings to open up new Temple sites, and other special meetings. Birthdays are "celebrated" by what normal people describe as Satanic Ahuse. 2 on the Illuminati will cover deeper about Illuminati rituals.] In addition to what is below full moons and eclipses arc causes fur rituals. Before a major ritual occurs, Illuminati members may spend days in preparatory rituals. II your neighbor is in the Illuminati, chances are high he’ll be gone from home in the evening(s) around Beltaine, Lammas, and All Hallow’s Eve. Those in the Illuminati who have Multiple Personalities will have different alters (personalities) for different rituals.

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