Dating pro include config php

Right out of the box, it is prepared to power your online business without the need of any other dependencies.However, we believe that your system should be tailored to your needs without the added weight of unwanted functionality.Last thing to do here is to reload the shell for the above to work straight away.

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Document root is the location where the files are shared from the file system and is similar to the traditional names of ‘public_html‘ and ‘htdocs‘, OSX has historically had 2 web roots one at a system level and one at a user level – you can set both up or just run with one, the user level one allows multiple accounts to have their own web root whilst the system one is global for all users.

Add in the username “root” (maybe already populated, add in the password that you set up earlier for the My SQL root user set up, click on save and you are returned to the previous screen.

(This is not the OSX Admin or root password – it is the My SQL root user).

When downloading you don’t have to sign up, look for – go straight to the download mirrors and download the software from a mirror which is closest to you. You may get a fail on the install but the software is still installed and useable, the reason is because the script fails.

If you do a custom install simply unclick that start up item.

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