Dating oriental rugs

Want to know if your rug is Persian, Oriental or even handmade?

Email us pictures (preferably of the front of the rug and a close up of the back showing the back corner including the side, fringes and backing or knots) to [email protected] we will be happy to let you know what your rug is and where it comes from.

Afghan rugs are similar to Caucasian and Turkish designs, using only a few vivid colours and often with geometric patterns.Most rugs made in Pakistan utilize very few colours, preferring the designs of Afghan and Persian Turkoman and Caucasus Bokhara.The Pakistani Bokhara and Jaldar (often made by Afghan refugees or Turkmen origin) is made using very soft and lustrous wool (sometimes using art silk or wool) to obtain a simple yet stylish tribal design.There a number of countries which export high-quality hand knotted rugs, these are classified as Persian (those made in Iran) and Oriental (those knotted in the other countries of Asia) this guide gives a brief overview of some of these countries.For a guide to the rug weaving towns, cities and areas of Iran visit our Rug Origins Guide.

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