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A Texas drivers license suspension period can vary in length, depending on the drivers' age and offenses committed.

Drivers may face a suspended drivers license no matter whether they are offenders older than 21 years of age who have failed or refused to take a breath or blood test, or if they are minors caught with alcohol.

A Texas drivers license suspension may occur in situations when licensed drivers fail to obey state road rules and laws.

The Texas Department of Public Safety may revoke or suspend your driving privileges, depending on the offenses you have committed.

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The TX DPS may suspend your driver's license due to various reasons, such as: unpaid traffic tickets, DWI violations, DWLI offenses (Driving While License is Invalid) failure to pay child support, failure to appear and other serious offenses.

Note: The Texas DPS sends notification letters to drivers if they face a suspended or revoked driving license due to any given violation or offense.

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