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They tend to disclose more information than do their male counterparts, sharing details of films and books they love and using the word “honest” a lot.“Sincere” is a common refrain in their descriptions of the ideal man. A few men insist they only want to date women who wear a size 6, and several women say they only want to date men who are significantly taller, so they can wear kick-ass heels.“I met a lot of nice people, but a man my age [who is] as active as I am wants someone much younger,” she says, speaking from experience.Rest assured, Hermann is hardly sitting at home knitting.He steers clear of online dating sites like, e Harmony and Ok Cupid.“With online dates, they rarely turn out to be as good as they are on paper,” he explains.” Finding men with compatible interests (and tastes) hasn’t been easy for Donnelly, a dental hygienist.

I mean, we can never share a slice of cheesecake or a bottle of wine?“I always felt like writing back, ‘I know your mother.’ ” Though many divorced people recognize their change in marital status as being for the better, singledom still brings its own set of challenges.Searching for a soul mate—or even just someone to watch a movie with—seemed far less complicated when the Internet was in its nascent stages and “social media” was a term that had yet to enter the American lexicon.She’s since dipped her toe into the dating pool, but is not impressed: “I had coffee with someone I met on and we were discussing health, fitness, etc.,” she says.“He mentioned that he had recently given up caffeine, alcohol and sugar, among other things.

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