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I pray that in this Year of Mercy, Mel Gibson has put all those demonic faces behind him, so that nothing impedes his gaze as it seeks the face of the risen Lord.

First up is "Blood Father," a violent, low-key drama opening in limited release August 12.

The project stars Andrew Garfield as a conscientious objector who served during the war.

But can he portray the unique effect of a God who conquers sin and death through non-violent means? So I hope that, in spite of his darker obsessions, Gibson makes a Resurrection movie that’s as good in its own way as this year’s Risen.

Gibson plays a recovering alcoholic and ex-con, who must protect his estranged daughter from drug dealers determined to kill her.

(His character lives in a trailer, just as his "Lethal Weapon" alter ego did.) That will be followed in November by "Hacksaw Ridge," a fact-based World War II drama, which Gibson directed.

Gibson is currently embarked on a press junket for his new movie Hacksaw Ridge, which is how he came to be on the Colbert show.

Based on the true story of Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor for non-combatant service during the Second World War, the film seems likely to rank among his best work to date. While he eventually cut 10 minutes of flagellation from The Passion of the Christ, it can’t have been easy to persuade him. “It’s a pity that one has to be defined with a label,” Gibson told Colbert, “from, you know, having a nervous breakdown in the back of a police car from a bunch of double tequilas, but that’s what it is. that moment shouldn’t define the rest of my life.” Colbert asked Gibson if he had learned anything from his time in politically incorrect hell.

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