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While searching for information about Rainer in a history book from the Dark Fae archives, Lauren found the image of The Wanderer in it.

She read the prophecy to Bo and showed her the image, and though it bore a resemblance to Rainer, Bo refused to heed Lauren's warning about her involvement with him.

In Waves, however, it emerged that Bo had deliberately aligned herself with the Dark so that she could find her way back to the Death Train and save Rainer from it.

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It was not until she was helped by the Light Fae's human physician and scientist that she finally learned what she was and how to control her chi-draining powers.

Bo, who had seen what he had done and knew what he was up to, followed them, and to save Kenzi she chi-drained and killed him.

When the body is later discovered, both Dyson and Hale, Light Fae who work as detectives in the human police force, surmise that the man was killed by a Fae and investigate further.

With Kenzi as her "sidekick," Bo established herself as a private investigator for Fae and human clients, her neutral status allowing her to interact with Light Fae and Dark Fae for information, even if she is not protected against attacks by either clan.

In Caged Fae, Bo asked Lauren to be with her in a committed relationship.

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