Dating fairbanks banjos

To the left the Imperial Torch design, usually seen with serial numbers dating from 1918 to 1922.

The extended fingerboard versions from this period have what appears to be the ‘antique’ finish reserved for the Style X and De Luxe versions.Colour also provides a clue to the date and Styles of the various Vega styles of tenors.There appear to be two finishes for Vega tenors in the 1918 – 1922 Imperial Torch period: natural and antique.9 and/or De Luxe tubaphoneshaving extended fingerboards with 22 frets –most with extended fingerboards, pre- and post-1923, have 20 frets.The first exception is one very unique Style M with five strings (double course E string) with the 22 fret extended fingerboard as seen in the ’1923′ catalogue (see below). IMAGE TO FOLLOW Thus, the extended fingerboard on the Style M tubaphones also sport 20 frets, and this appears to be the standard for Vega tenors at least, the ’1923′ catalogue notwithstanding.

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