Dating dos and don ts

These situations include who to ask, how to ask her, if he needs to buy her a gift such as flowers, and what to do when he drops her off at the door ...I'm sure when this came out in 1949 it was very informative to young people about what they should do on their date.

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This is not the time to get into the sob story of what happened with your past relationships. If your date happens to ask you when was your last relationship, you may tell them, but move on swiftly.

A date is for two people to get to know each other and it won’t happen if you start vomiting out the mouth making everything relate back to you. This ensures any and all possibility of you making a hot-mess of yourself, and or the possibility of you getting sick in front of your date. First dates are naturally out of most people’s comfort zones.

I know that first dates can be nerve wrecking, and sometimes the way we calm our nerves is filling up the dead air space, but remember to breathe, and truly go in with the intention of getting to know this person. You probably don’t want to show your “cray” side just yet. No matter how much you want to choose the restaurant you “want” to go to, or tell your guy what he should eat because you know all the “good stuff” DON’T.

Let him be the man and let go your need to control small details.

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