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But after years of this, I’m pretty sure I’ll always feel the same way about goat cheese. Personal preferences exist, and to deny that is willful ignorance.My aversion to goat cheese doesn’t make me a bad person — neither does my attraction to tall men. Because we’ve spent so much time on our own, building ourselves up and shattering our own glass ceilings, we’re not in a rush to be with anyone.

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Most of us strong and badass women are too busy slaying our own lives to notice when a guy is behaving like a moron. We’re filling our agendas with the things and people we love.

To us, the thrill of locking a guy down doesn’t exist.

All we’re interested in is grown men who know how to communicate and make a clear effort to be in our lives. If you don’t have what it takes, sit back and admire us from a far away distance.

We could behave in the aloof and unbothered manner that it apparently takes to prove our worth to a guy, but we deliberately choose not to.

Instead, if you pull that crap on us, we’ll forget you just as fast as we said hello. We’d rather have a love of fate than a love based on manipulation.

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