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Other experts have suggested that economic links between the two countries would prevent a war.

While it is likely correct that economic ties provide strong disincentives for conflict, it is also true that such linkages are not the only, or even the most important factors, in policymakers' minds. Disturbingly, none of the answers to these questions are currently trending in a positive direction.

Although China has asked India to be part of the Maritime Silk Road, New Delhi is in two minds over whether to join.

Some Indian analysts feel that it could be a ruse for China to increase its strategic presence in the region without arousing the suspicion of India and other nations.

Both India and the US have a common interest in ensuring the safety and security of the sea lanes of communication in the Indo-Pacific region which was reflected in the joint statement released by the two sides during the visit of the US President Barack Obama to India in January last year.Though relations between these two Asian behemoths warmed up in the aftermath of the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to India in September 2014 and the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China in May 2015, the relations have once again hurtled downhill as they pursue their respective foreign policy agendas.Beijing is trying to move into what New Delhi has traditionally seen as its own backyard.It is also clear that New Delhi is loath to take on Beijing directly.This is seen in the recent case of India cancelling the visa issued earlier to a Uighur activist, Dolkun Isa, the Executive Committee Chairman of the World Uyghur Congress to attend a conference in India.

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