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Mr Pridham says their marriage started to fall apart as his wife struggled to come to terms with the fact they would not have any more children following the birth of their youngest son, Lewis, now aged seven.She began spending hours on the internet visiting chatrooms after one of their daughters got a computer.The birth in 1999 of Lewis, the youngest member of the Pridham brood, put Mrs Pridham in the record books as Britain's most productive living mother.Mr and Mrs Pridham's other children are William, eight, Aiden, ten, Ashley, 11, Elliot, 12, Oliver, 13, Rebecca, 14, Louise, 15, Alistair, 16, Daniel, 17, Emma, 18, Katie, 19, Adam, 20, Damien, 21, James, 22, Charlotte, 23, Victoria, 24, and Sara, 25.You can talk about whatever is on your mind, or join the group converation.

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Mr Pridham also discovered his wife had secretly bought herself a second mobile phone and run up a £680 bill in three months. Mr Pridham told the Sun newspaper: "We had a terrible row, the first of many.

"Mr Pridham says his wife lost 5st on a crash diet, changed her hairstyle began "dressing like a teenager." She spent nights away from their eight-bedroom house, telling him she needed "space".

The separation came after he discovered she had been having an affair for six months when he found a Valentine's card from her lover hidden under the bedroom carpet.

But today he told how the mother of 20, who was dubbed "supermum" because of her record-breaking brood, walked out on their crowded and not so happy home after having an affair with a married soldier she met on the internet.

Devastated Mr Pridham, 46, a carpenter, said: "I suspected it was happening but after 26 years of marriage I just didn't want to believe it at first.

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