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Codrington, the only settlement, lies on a lagoon to the west.The climate is similar to that of Antigua., an uninhabited rock, lies 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Antigua. The language is English, and nearly three-fourths of the people are Protestant, one-third of whom are Anglican.The constitution allows for a two-chamber legislature, consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives.Executive power is vested in a Council of Ministers headed by the prime minister, who is the head of government. The nearby island of Barbuda was colonized in 1678.It is mostly low and undulating, but in the west there are volcanic rocks that rise to 1,330 feet (405 metres) at Mount Obama (formerly ).

Skyscanner searches all the best hotel suppliers to bring you best deals.In 1978 Antigua reversed its position and announced it wanted independence.The autonomy talks were complicated by the fact that Barbuda, long a dependency of Antigua, felt that it had been economically stifled by the larger island and wanted to secede.Finally, on November 1, 1981, Antigua and Barbuda achieved independence, with The postindependence political landscape of Antigua and Barbuda remained relatively stable, although the government was the subject of intermittent scandals and corruption allegations.The country also acquired a reputation as a somewhat lax tax haven.

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