Dating a woman on the rebound

He's done."Hopefully, she woke up the next day and read that text and did some thinking.Successful relationships occur when both people are acting selflessly with no ulterior motives.Women do this as well-I'll hear from a girl's friend: "she's not looking for anything right now, she just got out of a long term relationship."The other night I was sad to hear that a friend of mine had been hooking up with a lot of guys randomly.I met up with her in a bar and observed her scanning the crowd eagerly:"What are you looking for," I asked."Guys," she answered.People can be on the rebound if they are being hurt, or if they've decided that the relationship is about to end.Those of us who are released back into the dating world can react in different ways.And all of those hookups that happen because one of, or both of, the people involved just need someone because they are rebounding, or at some strange point in their lives, probably fizzle out after a while.

Instead of partnering with you, they are making you responsible for their need to feel better.It is so much more fun to focus on a new love than focus on healing the pain of a divorce.Some argue that the best way to get over someone is to find a replacement unit.When I'm asked if rebound relationships are dangerous, I have to respond with a resounding yes.What could be more dangerous than using another person to help you distract yourself from emotional pain you don't want to feel?

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