Dating a wifestory

He then proceeded to tell reporters that I’d run off with the decorator.

Other singer-songwriters like Adele write albums about their heartbreak, but they don’t name and shame like he did.

In the face of his fame, she has never given her side of the story. Enough of hearing In The Air Tonight; enough of Phil continuing to make pointed references to their split in interviews.

Most of all, enough of his account of their split, which she says is at odds with what actually happened.‘Phil has claimed in interviews and his lyrics that I ran off with the decorator, but that’s simply not true,’ she says.

He would rage a lot and I felt like I was being bullied.’‘I divorced him – not him me – on the grounds of his adultery and he agreed,’ she says.

During the four decades that Phil Collins has been one of the world’s most successful musicians, certain stories have become synonymous with his name.

They’re part of his legend, contributing to the perception of him as an ordinary, down-to-earth bloke; sometimes insensitive, but always honest.

There was screaming and shouting, often in front of the children, which I found unacceptable.‘He wasn’t a decorator by trade,’ she says.

‘We had a brief affair and I told Phil as soon as he came home.

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