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This sense of continuity clearly distinguished them from both the Spanish and the emerging group of mestizos, or children of Spanish colonizers and indigenous women, to whom community life was foreign.

This Spanish-native population dichotomy was complicated by the groups of people born of other mixes among those of indigenous, Spanish and African descent.

During the 17th century, the Spanish imposed a peonage system and encouraged rapid repopulation of the region in order to increase the tributes paid to the Spanish Crown.

According to the chronicles, pre-Hispanic meso-American women tended to marry between the ages of 20 and 25, since they believed that if they married young they would die young.

Nicaragua was slower than other countries to recognize women’s equal rights, a postulate of modernity.

The dominant system in Nicaraguan society has readapted gender models in accord with structural changes, and the structural crisis stemming from the 1979 revolution is, in fact, what gave rise to the most important changes that have taken place in the model of gender domination.

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Many of these children were born of "illegitimate" unions.

An audacious, pioneering and much needed study offers us some troubling answers and inescapable challenges.

The socially constructed notion of what men and women should be like includes permissible expectations, values, behaviors and forms of relating, all of which is the stuff of gender models.

The state directed and protected the Spanish republic, while the natives worked and obeyed.

The indigenous peoples lived in communities during the colonial period, as they had in pre-Hispanic times.

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