Dating a katana

(Which is a funny variation on the real-life thing that happens around women you like where your voice gets warbly and your face does uncontrollable nervous twitchy things. Barry wants Iris to stop blogging about The Flash because he doesn’t want his enemies to target her.This is the Classic Complicated Superhero Relationship Problem.

Another distinguishable difference between it and the longsword is the use of a curved blade.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the nuances between the longsword and the katana.

While he might not be able to match the robot, as humans go Machii is pretty swift, having recently sliced a fried shrimp fired at him at 80mph.

He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah [email protected]

OK nerds, in the last two episodes of ARROW and THE FLASH, we’re introduced to Wildcat, Plastique, Girder, Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, General Eiling, Cupid, Captain Boomerang, and Katana! There are Love Triangle Scenarios happening between the superheroes, their super-friends, their super-exes and super-platonic-BFFs, even their super-villains. Girl, let me fill you in on all this gossip: FLASH & IRIS Barry Allen is the Flash.

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