Dating a frenchman in america

At the end of the weekend, he brought up his traveling saying that he knew that we hadn't been seeing each other for long, but he wanted me to know that he was essentially going to be leaving on his work trip and would not be returning until the end of August.

Before I had met him I had already made dates with a couple of other guys and in a state of shock told him this and mentioned that I should probably cancel them. I decided to cancel the dates because I do care for him and didn't feel the need to meet these new guys.

I have thought about asking for more frequent hellos, but I don't know if I should just let it be. So I met this french guy who was very good looking at a "bar" in my country (El Salvador) and he was looking at me during the night, finally he came up and asked me for a cigarette and then he started talking to me, before I left he asked me for my number because he wanted to see me the next day.

We share some french kisses and then he wanted to do more...

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He came back two weeks ago from a trip and stayed with me for the two nights he was here; however, now that he's left again we haven't communicated much at all.

I know his work is demanding, but I'm beginning to get the impression that he's lost interest.

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