Dating a former prostitute

That night, I took a tour of Craigslist m4m, clicking at its blue links until they all turned purple. I could feel my mind knocking on the door of its dark basement, the place where I push my most unacceptable thoughts and lock them in tight to keep them from creeping in to my clear, open mind.

“I went out with a male prostitute last night,” was my opener. I told him I met a boy who had sex with old women and not with old men, and that I wondered what they were actually paying for him to do in those hotels.

“When I would come home, I would take all my clothes off.

put them away, not touch anything and go straight to the shower, do this intense shower ritual and then even wash the taps that I touched.

Out of nowhere, he announced that he was the type of person who would do anything for money.

Like have sex with a lonely older woman he picked up on Craigslist, or, theoretically, kill someone.

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