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Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a coworker’s gossip: I have a coworker that has gone out of his way to put my personal business out at work.He’s embellished some details to make me appear bad and less of a human being.This unhappy incidence could be a learning experience for you: It could make you more cautious about your own behavior that could make you unhappy to have it disclosed. It could raise your consciousness of how important it is to not say something that might cause an individual to lose face.And most importantly, it could motivate you to refocus from what others think of you to what really matters to your work organization; such as it being a responsible community corporate citizen and a company that is profitable.

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You might not expect it, but accountants are nonstop gossipers. Not just yourself, but everyone they work with and run into. They are usually the one to break the news that so and so is going out with that person.

It’s one thing if I were to put out this info but I’m not and now other coworkers see me in a lesser light than what I should be seen.

It’s petty I know, but is there any thing I can do? Was your coworker malicious or just gossiping in order to make listeners think he was privy to juicy personal information?

If indeed that’s how your company does it, that’s sex discrimination and is illegal.

(Or at least it’s illegal if your company is big enough to be covered by federal discrimination statutes — meaning that it has 15 or more employees.) As for the question of whether they need reasonable suspicion, employers don’t generally need “proof” before taking disciplinary action against employees in matter, but because the issue of romantic relations is a sticky one, I turned to employment attorney Bryan Cavanaugh to weigh in.

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