Darren bent dating amy bruce

Ian isn't happy when he finds out his brother has been skiving off from school, especially when he thinks Danny is responsible.Paddy goes cold turkey in an attempt to beat his addiction while Mandy is pressured into finishing with Joe.Kev wakes up on his birthday to find his mother has committed suicide, he meets his ex wife Roxy at the funeral, but when Veronica catches them in a compromising position she refuses to believe his pleas of innocence.Carl gets arrested for growing Cannabis plants for the Maguire's, sparking a family feud when they believe him to have given the Police information for a quick release, Mandy bans Lip from seeing his daughter so he attempts to hunt down the real informant.Debbie begins to realize the childhood she is missing out on and leaves the boys to look after themselves, a power cut from an unpaid electric bill reveals Sue's growing debts and she cowardly runs away, Frank's latest money spinner backfires.

Debbie knows that if she doesn't reveal she was with him he's looking at a long sentence, but if she does there will be a different kind of trouble. It's Debbie's 16th birthday, she wants to celebrate it with her boyfriend, that she thinks no-one but he family know about, but Debbie finds out that everyone knows that her and the police men are together and after Ian is attacked he is rushed to hospital, where the attack is revealed to have caused amnesia.Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and company are back for Season 3.Cal's twitchier than ever, and he's not on very good terms with Dr. FBI Agent Ben Reynolds (Mekhi Phifer) isn't around either (did he survive his shooting in the season 2 finale?Frank finds himself with a silver lining when his Identity is stolen and his criminal record is wiped as a result, however when he's called for Jury Service he's not as pleased as he was.Shane and Micky come up with a way to scam money out of tourists but Carrie is soon hot on their trail.

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