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Here I am waiting for my wife to come home from fucking someone and I am excited. I am looking to just share my feelings at the moment. I met this couple online and we have been texting and exchanging pics for 2 weeks or so.They had done some softswapping with a couple but never full on but they wanted to try. We first married when we were 23 and 24 respectively. I was too focused on career and worked long hours, and traveled a lot for my job. Hi, My girlfriend (Liana) and I have been dating for 4 years now, I am 25 and she is 22 years old and we have always dirty talked during sex about having other guys join in with us.We had a good marriage, kids, good careers and were happy for a number of years. Lots of details involved of course, but sex became less frequent, we talked less, things became tense, communication got worse. She became somewhat of a secondary concern for me and I let my marriage fall into decay. Around November of last year she finally actually asked me if it was something I would like to do.Here are a few pictures so you can see what she looks like.As you can see my girlfriend is short with a very round ass so ...

Any attempts of trying to grope her magnificent body or do anything sexual, she would swiftly deny/swatting my hand away telling me she wants to save it for later that night. After, what seemed like an eternity in my head debating it, I managed to broach the topic.

I think i'm nice enough to the people who are normally around me, but when it comes to the men in my life I tend to gravitate towards humiliation and abuse.

I end up staying with the men who enjoy it, since the ones who don't tend to run away really fast, if they're smart.

She said she didn't have much time to explain and would do so later when she got home.

I was very concerned but there wasn't much I could do about it so just sat back ... I'm 28 years old, and would describe myself as not an exceptionally nice person, although not horible or anything like that.

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    Based on the results of this study—and more than 25 years of clinical experience—I have concluded that it’s not the of a sexual or romantic act that cause the most pain and do the most damage to a romantic relationship, it’s the lying, the emotional distancing, the loss of intimacy, and the disintegration of trust.