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Albert had been obese most of her adult life, and after undergoing surgery and losing weight, she allowed Speedie to go by her "real" name, Emily Frasier.

The front man of the Smashing Pumpkins was the first non-family member to whom Albert confessed the truth about Le Roy.

The production company that had bought the film rights to one of the author’s books declared its deal null and void. Like everyone else in the world, I’m submerged in the cesspool of gossip.

I’m swimming in it, following updates on Kim Kardashian’s ass or Lindsay Lohan’s everything.

It was the year 2003, and Winona Ryder stood on a stage before a crowd of New York writers, actors, musicians, and artists who had all gathered to celebrate a novel by 23-year-old JT Le Roy that had just been published to explosive acclaim.

Ryder was dewy-eyed as she spoke: "I'm just so full of joy tonight to see all these people celebrating his words and his beautiful voice.

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But I felt I had no right to appropriate this kind of a thing, the male hustler thing, anyway. In creating what she calls her avatar, or “veil,” she was able to tell painful stories she thought would get a better reception coming from a boy.

He was actually super-cool about it., Savannah had to do a reading as Le Roy.

She was terrified, threw up, and didn't want to go on stage in front of the huge crowd. " She had Savannah take the mic and sit under a table, hiding herself from view.

I thank JT from the bottom of my heart."At least, Le Roy didn't exist in the way Ryder or Courtney Love or Bono all thought he did.

He was the invention of writer Laura Albert, who, struggling to write as herself, invented the persona Jeremiah Terminator Le Roy.

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