Competitive accommodating compromising collaborating and avoidance

Different conflict management styles have different efficacies under various circumstances.Managing conflicts through accommodation entails one party succumbing to the demands of the other party.According to Silverthorne (2005), advantages of using competition include its responsiveness. This is because one party attempts to gain its objectives in the conflicts without worrying what the other party expects.It yields quick solutions that are appropriate especially during emergencies. Consequently, competitive approach stands high chances of yielding outcomes that leaves some parties feeling dissatisfied.

Therefore, compromising does not call for absolute assertiveness and does not allow for absolute cooperation (Silverthorne, 2005).

Competitive style of managing conflicts involves highly assertive people.

With this style, one of the parties to conflict assumes a hardline stance on the issues at hand.

Personal Conflict Management Style Conflict management is vital in enabling relationships to thrive.

Occasionally, individuals and organizations experience conflicts. These are the disagreements occasioned by differences in perceptions and understanding of everyday issues and decisions.

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