Cocky and funny dating lines disabled dating saint louis

THAT’S why women are selective: it’s in their nature, and we shouldn’t blame ’em.But guess what happens when you turn things around and are being selective by making fun of her and her ways, when you’re playing hard to get, and are being indifferent towards her attempts to get closer to you?We've got to give these guys credit for at least making us laugh. It's not easy approaching girls, what with our high standards, resting bitch face, and what not. •Go ape-shit on her if she doesn't reply immediately. Saying a simple, "hi", "hello," or "whassup," makes you easy to ignore and forget. If your ego is sore because she didn't respond, an 'unmatch' is all that is needed. Asking if she wants anal in your first sentence isn't the way to go.

Because of it, you’ll become the one guy in her life who actually makes her FEEL alive, FEEL sexual, and provides her with an escape from total boredom. Stop asking if it hurt when we fell from heaven and just start a normal conversation. A cheesy pick-up line or a douchey comment makes you look like an arse. It also shows her that you are NOT intimidated by her LOOKS (or presence), which 99% of the men are…and that you’re talking to her about who she IS and what she DOES instead of how she looks (like the vast majority of men do)…and these ALL create massive quantities of ATTRACTION.Do you see now why being cocky and funny is so effective if you want to attract women?

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