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After that, she was found with Ryan Seacrest who is one of the renowned television celebrities in America.She dated him for about three years and finally called off her relationship with him at the start of 2013.Now she is romantically linked with Brooks Laich with whom she just got engaged in August. They reportedly got married on 8th July 2017 nearby Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in front of 200 guests that also includes close friends and families.Julianne showed the sign of great dancing skills since her childhood days.The single produced the biggest debut for any new country artist in all of 2007, with fifty-two of the stations on Billboard's survey adding it in its first official week of airplay.

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They feel in love with each other in 2008 and they continued it for about a year.

Wicks self-released an extended play titled Rough in April 2013.

He co-wrote its first single, "Salt Life", with Vicky Mc Gehee and Mike Mobley, and co-produced the extended play with Ilya Toshinsky.

In the midst of preparing to release a new record, Wicks wrote a song titled, "I Don't Do Lonely Well", which got Jason Aldean's attention and landed him a spot on his then upcoming album Night Train in 2012.

Being a fan himself, Wicks was very excited and said that it was a big deal to him that Aldean cut one of his songs to include on his highly anticipated 5th record, which was released on October 6, the same year.

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