Christian youth skits dating

If you serve in a youth ministry, chances are good that you work with a team of volunteers.

Here are ten things every youth leader should know: Let’s be honest.If you’ve ever wondered what goes on “behind the scenes” at the Cathedral, you’ll love this year’s Every Member Canvass skit: The Daily Office. ” Plus, you’ll hear some sweet melodies as staff members serenade the crowd with croons and tunes.Dinner will be served and catered by Claire Smith and her team from Canopy/Shade.Either way, God has brought them to your youth group, and he’s entrusted them to you for an hour or two each week. A lot of kids think it is, because their only exposure to it is from reading a translation of a 2,000-year-old book, or listening to messages crafted for adults.Sometimes kids genuinely aren’t interested in what’s going on, and you can’t and shouldn’t force them to join in. Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life (a youth ministry designed for kids who don’t go to church), once said “It’s a sin to bore a kid with the gospel.” Whether or not you agree with Rayburn, Christians can’t overlook the potential damage of presenting the most exciting truth in the history of the world as stale, old, and irrelevant.

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    If you serve in a youth ministry, chances are good that you work with a team of volunteers.

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