Christian rocker dating

"Realising that I was attracted to them was a horrible feeling," she says, looking down. It became more and more of a struggle because I couldn't tell anyone." As adolescence emerged, with school and Church services several times a week, alienation set in."I increasingly began to feel like I was living behind an invisible wall.

I ask her to name which camp it was, which organisation was responsible."Do I have to say? "It might make them look bad.""Yes, it will," I say."This happens at a lot of them.Beeching's God-fearing lyrics are sung by millions in America's Bible Belt. Vicky Beeching, 35, British star of the American Christian rock scene, one of the most successful artists in US mega-churches and now one of the most sought-after religious commentators in Britain, knows this too.Here, the singer and religious commentator discusses her sexuality for the first time and reflects on the political ramifications of coming out as a lesbian There is no quicker, more effective way to destroy someone than to isolate them. There is also no better way to destroy a group of people than to ensure they do the job for you. On the first occasion, Beeching, normally enlivening Radio 4's Thought for the Day or any number of Sunday morning TV discussion programmes, sits opposite me in a café in Soho. It is a précis she has written of her background: of growing up in a conservative Christian household in Kent, first in the Pentecostal Church then in the evangelical branch of the Church of England, of going to Oxford to study theology, of the EMI recording contract that sent her to Nashville 12 years ago and launched a successful singer-songwriting career… I turn the piece of paper over and look up to see her smiling nervously."I'm gay," she says, confirming what is written.She went to a Catholic priest at 13: a confession to absolve the innate."When I said that I had feelings for the same sex he prayed the prayer of absolution, for me to be forgiven.And that was it." Afterwards, her feelings remained, which "only increased the sense of shame.

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