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Heaps of vibrant cherry flowers fanning overhead, the clear stream flows quietly. Outside the castle there are tons of cherries jumping out, providing lots of photo opportunities to keep them and the castle tower in the same picture. Kema Sakuranomiya Park: A less-crowded riverside park with cherry trees everywhere.

Stepping on the bridge over the garden pond is like traveling back in time. The park sits close to Osaka Castle and remains a popular hanami spot for the local.

Even though you are coming as a foreign visitor, it is quite easy to pick up the etiquette and immerse yourself in this rich cultural event. Make sure by contacting the office via their website or phone.

But that's not what typical foreign visitors do, their time is ticking.Cherry blossoms date: Early April, usually a few days prior to the cherries in other spots in the city. Philosopher's Path: The pleasant path is located beside a canal that heads to the Silver Temple, providing lovely sakura blossoms and a chance to watch people in traditional kimono, perhaps even running into a few geisha girls. Opening date: Early beginning of April Maruyama Park: The pack is usually packed with local as well as foreign visitors during the hanami season.Meguro River: Located just near Shibuya, the attractive Meguro River is lined with more than 800 cherry trees and gets more beautiful when paper lanterns and the cherry trees are illuminated during the Nakameguro Sakura Festival at night. There is a huge weeping cherry tree catches all the attention at night when it’s lit up.You may not be lucky to get a photo without others, but the happy atmosphere is rewarding!The park opens from am to pm during the season, so make sure you get there before sunset. Ueno Park: A very busy park filled with cherries and locals having the blossom party either side.

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