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Pitches itself as the site to go to for ‘serious, lasting relationships’ and marriage – which may well be refreshing to some in the current dating climate.Psychologists and dating experts guide you through each step of the process – including messaging, which is somewhat structured and scripted – and there’s an anonomisation function for calling.This week marks the biggest online dating week of the year (combined with the biggest divorce week of the year).

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You can browse a selection of pictures and ages before logging in, anything more specific requires you to become a member. As with many free or low-cost sites, ads can be frequent and feel spammy.And there’s no sense in ruling someone out for reasons that may become insignificant once you’ve met in real life.‘Only show me people without children’ ‘Only show me men over 6ft 1in’ ‘Only show me vegetarians’ ‘Only show me people who don’t want kids’ The tick-boxes on many dating sites are a common part of the structure of the sites – and people often fill them in and make their choices quickly, based on in-the-moment gut feeling, prejudice or a past bad experience.When she reduced her height to 5ft 9in, that rocketed to almost 2,000.A full 1,600 men would have unknowingly discounted this amazing person because of 2.5cm of extra leg length – and she would have continued to find internet dating limited and unsuccessful.

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