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Please forward your comments to [email protected] on our Facebook page.____________________________________________________________________________________ Sara D’Angio White, Christ Church Youth 7/25/2013 Our group had a wonderful and educational time on your farm the weekend of June 8th. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Connor Goff, Youth Group at Christ Church 7/25/2013 Thank you for letting us work for a short time with your farm helpers. I’m glad we had such a great day to do all of this.Sam Anderson describes this experience: We ended up staying on, talking and dancing, connecting and disconnecting, for four hours.We chatted with Pratt students in Bed-Stuy, with a man inexplicably sitting on his toilet, with a kid waving a gun and a knife, and with a guy who went to my wife’s old high school in California.We are “foodies” that are always searing for the best places to get a really good bite to eat.During our most recent trip this past Saturday; we enjoyed the most delicious Ham & Bean Soup ever!FICTOR® directly controls the 3D printer just by specifying the building material and it performs ongoing calculations (slicing, compensations, etc.). What People Are Saying Burnap’s would love to hear all the comments about the experience you have while at Burnap’s.

Best wishes for a smooth and productive summer season!He also told me "dad, you can't invest in that, it's porn." Just to be clear, I am not talking to anyone about investing in chatroulette, at least yet. There certainly is a disturbing amount of perversion and sexual innuendo on chatroulette, but there is so much else.In many ways, it's like a walk through Times Square thirty years ago.We’re right around the corner from a great butcher (JW Smyth), a newsagent, three pharmacies, and a Super Valu.There’s also an auto-repair shop within walking distance and the DART station is just up the road. I am in LOVE with my new gym, which is just around the corner from our place.

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