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It is a consideration for companies to make sure that they are covering all different time zones of different customers across the state so that no customer will be left out if the customer service team only has set operating hours.Most businesses now try their best to provide customer service round the clock.We sent an email asking about the income eligibility.We received an automated response stating a customer service representative will answer our concern within 24 hours.Not many people have a lot of time to contact customer service and unfortunately, at times that we need assistance the most, we are usually in a hurry or we simply do not have the time to go through all the hassles.To ensure that you cut the time you spend in contacting customer service, like for example when you’re calling the Verizon customer service number, make sure that you have everything you need ready beside you.But if the customer has a concern with the phone or service, they are free to contact customer service.

The automated system continues for approximately 3 minutes prior to directing the caller to a representative.

Customers can also purchase additional minutes due to the program only providing 250 free minutes.

In the event there is a change to your eligibility, the website allows customers to change existing plans.

The service is provided by Trac Fone, one of the largest prepaid wireless companies in the world.

Customers do not need to worry about a bill, a contract, credit checks or hidden fees.

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