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Just say "Hello" to us on Messenger, and Aerobot will guide you through the available choices and tell you what kinds of questions you can ask.If Aerobot can't answer your question, it will send your question to one of our human attendants who will help you within minutes. In the near future, we will be integrating Messenger with our sales team so that you can chat with a human attendant who can help you reserve a flight, if you prefer that to using our mobile-friendly website.Cognitive behavioral therapy is a talk therapy in a structured manner and is limited to number of sessions with either a psychotherapist or therapist.Woebot is a conversational chatbot and captures the shift in moods through graphs and displays the progress every week.It also looks for patterns that may be out of human scope.

This is where Silicon Valley’s fresh approach to introduce Chatbots in order to treat depression is good news for families that have closed ones struggling from depression and finding treatments unaffordable.

These include creating a database for the chatbot’s knowledge about a user, devising a system for taking advantage of the information in that database by integrating it in conversations, and developing a dialogue history to remember past user input and employ that knowledge in the chatbot’s conversations. Stage 2 We will add a number of features to make the chatbot’s persona seem more humanlike.

These will include providing it with more real-world knowledge and common sense, giving it motivations (needs, likes and dislikes), and enabling it to perform simple reasoning.

Stage 4 During this stage we will be customizing the personae, vocabulary and phrasing of the four launch chatbots so that each of them chats in a manner appropriate to their gender and their conversational style (flirty or adult chat).

The duration of this stage is estimated at 2 months, and will be carried out in parallel with stages 1 and 2.

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