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Rented Love - We had to pay the rent and school and Mr.

Roberts was a nasty man with a deep strong voice and a smell of cigarette we could sense a mile away.

Anyway, it all happened about 14 years ago when I was in the Army at Fort Ord in California which has since been closed.

The post may be gone but the memories still very much alive.

White Russian - Finally at the doctors I found out why I get tired so easily. This new doctor told me with a soft voice that the treatment is at this point dialysis and that once I enter level 5 we may begin with it. I lost it and my first reaction was to go get drunk.

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Also if you have a story you would like to share with other people I would love to add it to the list below. Enjoy these fantasies and check back weekly for new fictional tales of gay sex and seduction. Corey Mauntoc, Team Captain."Encounter With a Porn Star - Hi I am Parson from Goa.He had answered a posting on Craig's List which meant he was going to meet up with a guy that night for some boot play.Bill was an electrician who mainly did wiring of new houses for contractors which meant he drove a lot of different roads to and from work.The coach at the university, who everyone knew, liked men as well as he liked women..had a boyfriend living in his house. The time was several years after I had had my first gay experience in an X-rated book- store/arcade.I was still very much in the closet and petrified that anyone would find out about me.

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