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Thirdly, it has been updated by including the newly published references.Minute and painstaking search for new data has been undertaken to re-evaluate cases that were not included in the GITEC catalogue, though they were mentioned in previous catalogues; the exclusion was motivated by a lack of data. A new version of the European tsunami catalogue: updating and revision.It differs from the latest release of the catalogue that was produced in 1998 and is known as GITEC tsunami catalogue in some important aspects.In the first place, it is a database built on the Visual Fox Pro 6.0 DBMS that can be used and maintained under the PC operating systems currently available.Provide an explanation of the situation and written authorization from all BMI participants whose shares may be negatively affected.List the titles of the works being sampled in the new work.Conversely, the GITEC catalogue was compatible only with Windows 95 and older PC platforms.

For all work update requests provide work names, BMI work numbers and BMI account numbers if possible. BMI affiliated composer/authors and publishers or authorized representatives of affiliated composers/authors and publishers.Provide a copy of the fully executed sample agreement and indicate the adjusted shares per the agreement.Indicate participant(s) to be removed from the work(s), new participant(s) to be credited on the work, and revised share information if applicable.When your EDS catalog database is implemented you can select to add new records using an automated process run at regular intervals.Our service allows you to update your catalog as frequently as daily.

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