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Phelps participated in five Olympic games, earning 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold.

Over one million children drown every year by not having learned to swim Singer Donald Osborne sang “God Bless America.” And then Vice Chairman/Trustee/Event Chair Helene Galen welcomed the 700 attendees, including chairwoman Barbara Sinatra, Michael and Nicole Phelps, president Angie Gerber, and the board of directors.

Nearly 700 attendees gathered to honor and hear keynote speaker Michael Phelps share his story in an unforgettable intimate interview with NFL Sportscaster Alex Flanagan who had covered some of Phelps’ Olympic performances.

Phelps discussed his illustrious athletic career, setbacks, current branding, his decision to retire, and his foundation.

The Host Committee included Leisa Austin, Ursula Gari, Angie Gerber, Arthur Jacobson, Harold Matzner, Bill Nicholson, and Jane Saltonstall.

For more information about the Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children, please call 760-340-2336;

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