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Long story short, I've been told by 2 gyno's I have AV.

My question is which one is better, if there's a difference, and has the lowest absorption into the blood stream.

He had just returned from a hard grueling career changing 1966 electric world tour with his backing band, The Hawks. Woodstock was the ideal place for him and his family to leave the public eye and enjoy a more rural pastoral life. That all changed on July 29, 1966 when Bob wrecked his beloved Triumph motorcycle.

Reports of the time ranged from his death, to broken neck to career ending injuries… During his recovery Bob invited The Hawks up to the village to play, write, and have some fun.

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(The Chief Of Police has some fine stories with regards to the driving escapades of certain members of The Band ).

My anxiety is off the charts and no one to talk to about it, I don't currently know anyone personally going through this.

Bit of background, I had a hysterectomy 16 yrs ago, but kept my ovaries.

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