Butch for femme dating

That said, I ended up in West Hollywood last month all by myself.

I was alone in one of the gayest neighborhoods in the world, so, I thought, why not check the online presence?

I should mention that Scruff is ostensibly pitched to a more masculine, “scruffy,” type of guy, but in my experience, all kinds of guys actually use it, though in smaller numbers.

Anyway, in those 14 days I received four messages, four conversations resulting from messages where I had made the initial contact, and three woofs, which are like After changing my profile pic to something more butch—again, face-forward but with less expression and my hair pulled out of sight under a baseball cap—my screen lit up with two messages in the first 10 minutes.However, recently, I started wondering if the masculine vs.femme assumptions were true, so I signed on for a few weeks to conduct a little experiment.That’s perfectly fine as it goes: Scruff is a gay app, and it’s fairly common knowledge that a large chunk of users only want to have sex.To counteract that, I make sure to only message guys who say they are looking for dates and friends.

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