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That’s the guest bathroom (the main floor bathroom) in all it’s builder grade glory- a pre-fab, 3 walled tub/shower surround with zero awesomeness.I have been dreaming of “re-facing” the front of the tubs in both bathrooms for some time (I have a different material in mind for upstairs, it starts with a “bead” and ends with an “oard”).push(function () { var width = window.inner Width

I’d just cut a piece to go the length of the inner portion and call it a day. I mean I’ve been working with my little miter box saw for awhile now, and it’d be a shame to waste all those skills… Or, it will be after come spackle, caulk, and paint- which is still in the works (stuff takes time to dry, yo). Well I couldn’t very well install a posh tub surround and then cover it up with a curtain now could I?

Ok-so by those cuts you wouldn’t think I have skills, but I swear the problem is that it’s not exactly a 90 degree corner. If you are patient, you can find two matching curtain panels that are not lime green at Ross. I also picked up a set of sheers with a bonus valence (for another project, you’ll see! I got an extra tension rod for .99, so I think this was less than alltogether.

I knew I’d have to fudge it with caulk and spackle. The curtains and (1) sheer panel are on a rod, and the liner is on another rod behind.

But the adhesive has quite a long working time, so you can replace stones as needed if you want.

Make your cuts as you go, it’s best not to move onto the next row with a hole on the previous.

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