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The first impression you get is that Brazilian criminals like to flaunt how much money they have stolen and the high life they lead as a result of this.

They compare themselves to Robin Hood: stealing from the ‘rich’ (in their eyes the banks, the financial systems and the government), in favor of the ‘poor’ (themselves).

v=ID2GUCq Uh H0&w=560&h=315] The lyrics say: “I’m a virtual terrorist, a criminal; on the internet I spread terror, have nervous fingers; I’ll invade your PC, so heads up; you lose ‘playboy’, now your passwords are mine”.

Card-skimmers also celebrate and flaunt their profits in the “Cloned credit card rap”, also available on Youtube: [youtube https://

To understand what is going on in the Brazilian cybercriminal underground, we would like to take you on a journey into their world, to explore their attack strategy and their state of mind.

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Not surprisingly, quite a number of the brands and companies that feature in the most frequently attacked list are Brazilian.In these IRC chats criminals exchange data about attacks, hire out services among themselves, and sell personal data from hacked websites, while coders sell their malware and spammers sell their databases and services.These are true C2C (Cybercrime to Cybercrime) operations.There are online videos celebrating the criminal life, like this song, the “Hacker’s Rap”.The lyrics celebrate the life of the criminals who use their knowledge to steal bank accounts and passwords: [youtube https://

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